For the Individual

We build honest relationships right from the outset.

You have been through the highs and lows of a professional sports career, the commercial world is no different; it is often tough and unforgiving.

At Gidman & Co, we need to understand you, what makes you tick, your sporting career, the experiences you have been through and what skills and characteristics you have acquired over that time and, ultimately, prepare you for this next step.

Believe it or not, you will have a wealth of skills that are transferable to the commercial and corporate world; we truly enjoy bringing these to life with you and helping you understand how to leverage these experiences in terms of securing a new career. It sounds simple, however, experience shows it is not always obvious and that is where we prove our worth. We will work with you towards a clear road map.

Our process is simple, but thorough. We will:

  • Meet you to discuss your current position, your goals and ambition. Direct personal experience means Gidman & Co understands the position that every sportsman and woman will be in at some stage in their lifetime. You can expect us to work closely with you to determine the route you want to go down if it is realistic, help you arrive at a conclusion and how, together, we will achieve that.
  • Spend time learning about your career and what you have developed over that time. We have vast experience from working closely with individuals in many different circumstances. We will use that experience to identify the skill-sets that you have, how they ‘mirror’ to a specific role, function, discipline in the workplace and how they transfer into the corporate and commercial world.
  • Develop your skills for your new career. Gidman & Co will work with you to develop your CV, prepare you for interview, share with you how to present and drive meetings and be effective at networking. We are on hand to offer advice and guidance throughout all the key stages that lead to interview and your future employment.
  • Mentor, our relationship does not end once you have a job offer! At Gidman & Co, we do not simply ‘get you a job’ and leave you to it. We believe in maintaining relationships and supporting our athletes through the years beyond your first appointment and we can provide a range of additional services to support you for the long term. Our philosophy is ‘once a client always a client’.


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