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My ultimate motivation being to be racing at the Olympic Games.

Sarah’s story was one that I knew was going to fascinate me. I have been involved in a team sport for my entire career but have always been interested in the individual sports and how they differ. Sarah was an elite long distance runner specialising in 5,000 and 10,000 meter distances predominantly. What started out as it should be – fun and enjoyable, turned into a story of tough decisions, hunger and huge determination to reach the top. I wanted to know how her relationship with Athletics started. I was involved with a lot of different sports when I was younger; netball, tennis, running – every sport I had the opportunity to get involved in – but when I was 9 I went to watch my brother train at the local running club and that’s when I first fell in love with running. Officially youngsters were not allowed to join the Athletics club until the age of 10yrs – but they let me join a…

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Healthy Distractions

  I'm sure that all of us, at some stage in our professional lives, have gone through periods of time that have tested us. Those times where you are really challenged, nothing seems to go your way and quite honestly, work seems to chew you up and spit you out however hard you try. During the summer of 2015, exactly that happened to me. My cricket season got off to an average start, a few things genuinely didn't go my way and before I knew it, it went from bad to worse. I took a bad blow to the head where I suffered concussion, which in turn kept me out of the team and then I couldn't get back in. I'm not blowing my own trumpet but this was something I wasn't used too. How do I deal with it? I can honestly say I tried everything to turn it around, but sometimes the harder you try the worse it becomes. I quickly made myself…

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Mike Powell- ‘I ended up on life support’

Mike Powell had a good, honest and successful professional cricketers career. He played over 450 games, scored 28 hundreds and over 18,000 runs for Glamorgan and Kent. Without representing England he achieved many of the goals one would want to reach and should be proud of what he did achieve in the game. What interested me though, and why I wanted to talk to him about his transition into life after cricket, was how prepared he was and what he expected. As well as the fact that when he was at his peak of his career, an illness struck him which not only nearly ended his cricket career, but nearly his life. I began by asking him about that scary moment. What happened? Basically my collar bone and top rib were closing together, blood should pass from your arm through veins between those bones, as those bones closed together blood stopped moving through as freely as it should ending up in a clot in my…

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Ian Saxelby- A different side to sport

Ian Saxelby won't be a household name to many people. But his story is one that many sportsmen and women go through. The unfortunate athlete's that have to finish their career early due to injury are quickly forgotten. Each sport has superb support system's in place, in this case it was the Professional Cricketers Association, but it's scary how quickly an individual's career can literally end. Ian played 40 First class cricket matches, 17 One day and 20 t20 matches. His highlight was representing England u19's and like so many young athletes, had a bright future with goals and dreams which he set out to reach. I asked him to talk to me about his decision to move from Nottinghamshire, a big club that play at a test ground, to join a smaller club in Gloucestershire? "At the age of 16 I played both Rugby and Cricket to a very high standard, but I needed to make a decision and Cricket was my love, the…

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Jack Russell Interview

When I sat down with Jack, I honestly thought I would hear him say that he was lucky. In that he happened to…

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Gidman & Co Site Launch

Thrilled with our new website, exciting times ahead for Gidman & co!

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