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My ultimate motivation being to be racing at the Olympic Games.

Sarah’s story was one that I knew was going to fascinate me. I have been involved in a team sport for my entire career but have always been interested in the individual sports and how they differ. Sarah was an elite long distance runner specialising in 5,000 and 10,000 meter distances predominantly. What started out as it should be – fun and enjoyable, turned into a story of tough decisions, hunger and huge determination to reach the top. I wanted to know how her relationship with Athletics started. I was involved with a lot of different sports when I was younger; netball, tennis, running – every sport I had the opportunity to get involved in – but when I was 9 I went to watch my brother train at the local running club and that’s when I first fell in love with running. Officially youngsters were not allowed to join the Athletics club until the age of 10yrs – but they let me join a…

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